Bat Care

At Garrard & Flack Australia we prepare bats to the point of knocking in by the owner. The bat has been oiled with raw linseed oil during finishing then faced with an anti scuff sheet and the bat now requires patient knocking in with a good quality bat mallet and old ball, this is a crucial part of the preparation process of your cricket bat.  We suggest you use a good quality mallet, patently round off and compress the face close to the edge along with the toe area. Once you feel satisfied that the edges and toe area have been rounded off and compressed, you can then move into the middle of the blade, this is best completed through sensible practice such as throw downs or catching practise with an old ball.  After the first season's use, the bat will benefit from regular coats of linseed oil.  Failure to knock your bat in correctly can cause unavoidable damage to the playing face and this will not be covered by the bats warranty.





Cricket Bat Willow and cane are natural materials used by Garrard & Flack Australia in accordance with the laws of the game. Raw materials will unfortunately, naturally deteriorate with use and cannot be manufactured to withstand the effects of poor quality cricket balls, mistimed shots or Yorkers, tapping and general wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to give a fixed period of longevity for a cricket bat.